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Skoda News

skoda octavia: beauty comes within. after a slight upgrade.

SKODA team expands the customizable features of the 2016 Octavia lineup. Known for its reliable drivetrain system and comfortable cabin, the vehicle will now benefit from even more utility and convenience gadgets! Of course, the part of the vehicle that deserved most attention was the cabin. Now the new SKODA Octavi

what to expect from Škoda kodiaq as brand reveals first images [w/video]

ŠKODA KODIAQ carries company’s new design language into the SUV segment The debut of ŠKODA KODIAQ will happen in a month on September 1st in Berlin. Since there isn’t much time left and the interest must be raised, ŠKODA has just released four images and a teaser video of the upcoming SUV, which is destined to transfer the brand’s new design language into the crossover segment. Since we have a number of photos, let’s comment

skoda will challenge supercars from the '70s and 80's. stupid idea, indeed

This time SKODA team tries to do the impossible. And most likely it will fail. The engineering team tries to achieve performance rates from a vehicle that are enough to challenge a Lambo car or a Ferrari. And the most surprising thing? Well, SKODA is not going for this ultra-high quality next-gen hyper ultracar which goes from 0 to 200 mph in two seconds. Nor the team will charge some six figures for the model. So, let's see what is going on

skoda kodiaq is here. first images and details reveled!

Skoda Kodiaq SUV breaks cover under military disguise Skoda Kodiaq has been finally revealed as the company stars its major advertising campaign. Being 4.7m long, the SUV has the largest boot capacity within its class. In addition, it will be offered with the option of a third row of seats. Skoda fans must be e

skoda superb sportline: mixes sports experience with convenience

To be offered with three petrol and two diesel engines Skoda is often regarded as a mediocre brand, which offers family cars based on a Volkswagen’s platform. And it is actually famous for the latter. There are a lot of faithful fans out there and an equal amount of haters. Regardless on which side you are on, Skoda is strengthening its positions in the automotive word and releasing vehicles which are better than they have ever been in t

skoda reveals the new bear-inspired kodiaq suv with couple of sketches

Skoda Kodiaq is the next SUV in brand’s lineup and it has been just unveiled with couple of sketches. Well, we must say we are a bit disappointed because it looks like a Fabia but on bigger wheels. Kodiaq is about to celebrate its world debut in September, and Skoda is obviously expecting to impress the public. But it won’t do that if the production version really stands for what the sketches show. What does the Czech brand says? Well, acc

skoda octavia meets 2017 model season with tons of improvements

The 2017 range of SKODA Octavia becomes even more appealing, thanks to the numerous dynamics and efficiency improvements. One of the most notable changes is definitely the new high-tech, three-cylinder turbo petrol power unit and the adaptive DCC that is optional for units with 150 hp or more. This unit replaces the 1.2-liter one and offers 115hp (85kW) and 200Nm of torque between 2,000 and 3,500rpm. In fact, this is the first three-cylinder u

kodiaq is skoda’s largest suv to be premiered in the second half of 2016

Skoda Kodiaq is the newest and largest SUV in the lineup of car in company’s family. The rather strange name of the vehicle is not accidental. Since it is the larges in the range, the name refers to the Kodiak bear species, which lives on a remote island off the southern coast of Alaska.  And this is the way the indigenous people of the Alutiiq have called the bear. What we also know is that the new SUV campaign and its debut introduction will

we have told you about skoda visions, but we havent's told you about brand's plans. here they are

SKODA has plans to strengthen its appeal and presence among senior level professionals with the new A+ SUV. This is indeed an appealing and confident vehicle that deserves some attention. So, let's waste no more time and see what is going on here. Revealed at the Geneva International Motor Show, the VisionS concept made a strong point: the world of automobile enthusiast should know that SKODA has still a lot of potential and it is about to use

skoda visions concept revealed in details. to feature plug-in hybrid powertrain

Skoda VisionS Concept, which we showed you yesterday appearing in a ‘teaser’ video, has been revealed today with two images, showing its exterior at the front and the rear. With the VisionS the Czech car manufacturer will offer a glimpse into how company’s future SUV design language might look. Being on display at the Geneva Motor Show and making a debut there, the show car also presents its most important future technologies. Furthermore,

skoda visions concept is inspired by real crystal [w/video]

Skoda VisionS Concept has been revealed with first couple of sketches in the beginning of this month. Now, the brand has released another image and the first of four design films that will promote the car. You can view it below the text. The video links the VisionS Concept to the crystalline design language in an in

exclusive visions concept shows future skoda suv portfolio

Another premiere in Geneva, but this time by Skoda. The company is going to debut its brand new design study called VisionS Concept. Through it Skoda aims to preview the future modern design language in the SUV segment. The show car is said to look very closely to the production one, representing a perfect balance betw