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Skoda News

skoda fabia r5 promises even more victories.

ŠKODA Fabia R5 made a sensation at its first race, when the ŠKODA team took home made a flawless race and took home the victory. The first race of the R5 was on the Šumava Klatovy Rally. Now, the car will be presented on the 34Tth GTI meetin at Wörthersee along with another three ŠKODA sports cars. ŠKODA team have recreated the Fabia R5 to create ŠKODA R5 Combi show vehicle. The ride will be in green, white and black colors, mounted on 18-inch alloy wheels. You will recognize the sporty design instantly w

funstar skoda comes with a fun project

Skoda Auto demonstrates a dream car for 23 trainees from the SKODA Auto Vocational School. This is a fun car concept and it is based on the SKODA Fabia model. The name? ŠKODA FUNstar pickup. Fun, right? The SKODA FUNstar will be shown at the 34th GTI Meeting at Wörthersee from 13 to 16 May 2015. The 23 young trainees have been tweaking and tinkering the vehicle since November 2014. All of the young engineers participated in the creation and gave numerous ideas, solutions, drawings and desig

skoda fabia r5 is ready for the road

The latest Skoda Fabia R5 is ready for its debut in the Czech Republic. This is by far the best vehicle, that Skoda team has ever built after the legendary Super 2000 model. After the successful 2014 season, Skoda prepares for the upcoming 2015 competition with full force. And with a monster like the latest R5 model, we all expect even greater results and higher achievements. The driver will be the well-known for his skills Jan Kopecký (CZ) and he will be taming the latest R5 for the 50th an

fabia r5 comes with full force

The fearful and  highest authority in motorsport, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) gives Skoda Fabia R5 the green light. The innovative rally car is based on the Super 2000 model, which, as we all know, is the most successful rally car Skoda ever built. In fact, with the Fabia R5, Skoda marks its 114th year on the rally road. The Fabia R5 is really a heaven for the high-tech maniacs. The model is geared with a 1.6-Liter turbo engine, which is a big difference, compared to the 2.

superb se business edition with two engine options

Skoda Superb SE Buisness is designed to meet the specifics of the fleet market with additional equipment that adds even more comfort and technologic additions. This particular trim level is geared with front and rear parking sensors, touchscreen satellite navigation, drive mode selection, including Eco, Sport and Norma

fastest skoda octavia ever produced to debut in geneva

Skoda Octavia RS 230 is showing revolution in company’s design language and it will be debuting at the Geneva Motor Show this March. The top of the range model will be an example not only of roominess combined with comfort, safety and efficiency, but most importantly of sports-oriented driving experience. And we are

2016 skoda superb is fully revealed!

The new Skoda Superb is here! The world premiere of the car happened today at the Forum Karlín in Prague. The the new car displayed a revolutionized design, generous dimensions, innovative safety assistance systems, a focus on the environment and comfort. As a matter of fact the company claims that this is the best Skoda model ever produced. This is the third-generation Superb, which keeps the powerful characteristics of its predecessor, but also incorporates brand new design language inspired

skoda teases upcoming superb for the last time [video]

Skoda just released four teaser images and a video showing partially the upcoming Superb model. This is actually the third time that the company is giving us some hints, and in our opinion this means that the changes will be big. The current pictures show what a great precision Skoda has used in the creation of this ca

skoda updates superb se business model

Skoda has updated the equipment of the Superb SE Business model, which will now feature more goodies at no additional cost. The upgraded version of the car now comes with full leather upholstery and heated front seats as standard, thus adding more comfort and convenience to its characteristics. Next to the new equipment, the occupants and driver will also enjoy the benefits of the already abundant standard kit in the Superb. Precisely, it includes premium features such as 17-inch alloy wheels

skoda reveals superb's new and more spacious interior

Skoda has released the first image of the interior of the third generation Skoda Superb. The initial impression is that this vehicle expresses whole new dimension with its spaciousness and elegance and the attention to detail paid. It is visible that it is comfortable throughout thanks to the extreme roominess and fine

graffiti skoda: looks worse than a picture painted with two left hands

Arriving with a simple and plain design on the outside, the new Skoda Fabia gives a venue for different possible customizations, modifications and interpretations. But there are times of doing it right and times of doing it not-so-right. The Art Version of the Fabia is an example of how it should not be looking. If the goal was delivering a form of… “Art” which is emotional, touching, effective and pleasing, weeeell, the car is going

is skoda bringing revolution to the familiar design language?

Since Skoda has announced the reveal of the next generation Superb model in February, we were wondering whether there will be some sort of changes in its design. Today, the company has revealed the next teaser image of the famous model and it clearly shows some innovations and changes in the familiar design language. The new sketch shows an expressively designed saloon “full of class and passion”. In other words, the design is sophisticate