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Toyota News

toyota announces details about the latest supra prototype

Fans of motorsport will have the chance to witness the unveiling of the new Toyota Supra prototype at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed in UK. Chief engineer and master driver Herwig Daenens will also take a ride with the vehicle and as always will climb Goodwood’s iconic hill. This particular debut of the

toyota announces further details about the new corolla hybrid

The new Corolla hatch is engineered with the sole purpose to be the vehicle that would incorporate the latest generation of hybrid technology that Toyota has brought to us. What we will witness in August this year is releasing a vehicle that offers improved durability, driveability and tractability. How? Let’s find out! Corolla comes with upgraded Hybrid Synergy Drive system and advanced 1.8-liter petrol electric engine. This new power unit

toyota launches new marketing campaign in support of the new avalon

Toyota has launched a new marketing campaign, named “Serious Play” in support of the new 2019 Avalon – a vehicle that would try to incorporate utility and comfort features along with some massive power output and sporty driving spirit. Designed, engineered and assembled in USA, the Avalon also showcases sexy exterior and tons of handy technologies that would make a difference. Two of the campaign videos are called Let’s Race and Trojan

toyota announces new upgrade pack for 2018 c-hr suv

Toyota’s sexy C-HR has been around since its launch back in 2016 and for over two years the vehicle has become brand’s most popular and one of three best-selling Toyota cars. And although the brand celebrates the success of the project, no one would leave the C-HR just like that. And this is why Toyota presents a n

toyota presents its latest limousine for the last 20 years

For the first time in more than 20 years, Toyota has decided to present us a limousine – it is called Century and features numerous cool features that we are eager to show you. The vehicle comes with contemporary styling, refined drivetrain system and many utility and comfort goodies. Since the first reveal of the

toyota reveals gt 86 blue edition model

Toyota reveals GT86 Blue Edition – it is part of the so-called Club Series and focuses on styling and performance. Also, the design team has decided to gear this bad boy with numerous exclusive components and offer some exterior goodies that would be available only for this particular model. So, let’s check it out! The first notable feature of the new Blue Edition is the color – Electric Blue (you don’t say!) is dominating the whole body, while small black components are painted in glossy black finish

toyota and arctic trucks reveal a rather special hilux model

Toyota and Arctic Trucks will continue the partnership and mutual collaboration with the presentation of the Arctic Trucks Toyota Hilux AT35 at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC in Birmingham. The debut has also marked one more important moment – Hilux celebrated its 50th anniversary. The AT35 is already available for private and commercial customers and would continue to impress enthusiasts with its achievements and capabilit

toyota presents sportier and more agile corolla hybrid

Toyota presents next-gen Corolla hatch with additional drivetrain upgrades and sportier overall performance. Thanks to the 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol unit, the vehicle is capable of producing a total of 125kW and peak torque of 200Nm. Sweet. Furthermore, this power unit is mated to an intelligent manual gearbox