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Vauxhall News

vauxhall teases pictures of new combo van

Vauxhall reveals pictures of latest Combo model. As you might know, this is an award-winning range and all predecessor models have a lot to showcase. And this is why we are excited about this particular one – it looks super sexy and undoubtedly, there will be numerous advanced gadgets, new features and refined systems. What we know so far is that this guy would be available for ordering in the Autumn, but it will arrive in showrooms in December. The new Combo is based on a new architecture and comes with s

vauxhall team showcases the combo life sweetie. check it out!

Vauxhall’s latest Combo Life is almost here and as it seems, it would showcase brand’s ambitions to deliver us a spacious, flexible and practical vehicle that is worth the checkout. Especially created for families and these so-called empty nesters, the Combo Life would be available in two trim levels: Design and Energy. These second models, the Energy ones could further be specified with five- or seven-seat combination. Also, all models can b

let's talk about vauxhall's latest engine systems, shall we?

Vauxhall makes further improvements on its best-selling Astra range and the agile 1.6-liter Turbo petrol and 1.6-liter CDTi diesel engines. As you might know, the new 6d-TEMP emission standards require further improvements and even better efficiency for all vehicles on the road. The first engine, the 1.6liter petrol offers a total of 200hp and 300Nm of torque and is paired with a six-speed manual or automatic gearbox. This combination ensures

vauxhall has announced details for the corsa gsi: check'em out!

Even after 25 years on the British market, Vauxhall can still show off with the Corsa. Something more, the team has planned to make a dramatic return in GSi guise this year and showcase a new and revised Insignia GSi machine. The vehicle will be available for ordering later in 2018 and will benefit from an already popular features: it will borrow key chassis and design elements from the Corsa VXR, but it will also try to offer more interior sp

2017 insignia grand sport reveals new eyes! as beautiful as audi's, to be honest

Vauxhall team got into the small details. This time designers took a closer look at the headlights. Or, being more precise, they have changed the usual lights of the new Insignia Grand Sport with super cool and ultra-modern lightning projectors. These are called IntelliLux LED lights and feature incredible new functions and improvements. This is a 32-light system that results on smoother transitions between lightning patterns in order to suit

vauxhall ampera-e: beautiful agile and efficient. we like it!

Vauxhall announced more information about the unveiling of the Amera-e, the electric vehicle that will make its debut at the Paris Motor Show. What brand team promises is that the purely-electric car can go up to 250 miles without recharging in perfect conditions. Or in other words, in pure realistic scenarios, drivers will be able to cover about 185 miles with a single charge. Not bad, right? In fact, this 250 mileage coverage is made

vauxhall vxr8 maloo lsa vs 1903 vauxhall 5hp and what they (surprisingly) have in common

Vauxhall VXR8 Maloo LSA is Britain’s most powerful light commercial vehicle (LCV) and it will be also one of the main attractions at the Goodwood’s Festival of Speed next week. What is more, the VXR8 will be accommodating Vauxhall’s very first car in its generous load-bay! In addition, the new model is 107 times more powerful that the ancestor, called for a reason “5HP”. Built in 1903, it weighs just 272kgs (and the Maloo’s load ba

the first official 2016 zafira tourer photos reveal a rather stunning vehicle!

The first images of the new Vauxhall Zafira Tourer are already present! They show a beautiful vehicle with neat and sharp design, some cutting-edge technologies and tons of features, worth mentioning! So, let's waste no more time and find out what should we expect from the latest Vauxhall Zafira lineup member. Heading to showrooms in October, the vehicle will feature some neat additions as the Flex7 seating system, ergonomically-certified AGR