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volvo r-design package gains extra attitude for c30, s40 and v50 drive

Volvo R-Design Package gains extra attitude for C30, S40 and V50 DRIVe

Having good environmental properties doesn't mean a car has to be boring. Quite the contrary: with R-Design, the Volvo C30, S40 and V50 DRIVe can be styled just as expressively and exclusively as the other model variants. Responding to the substantial demand for cars that combine good environmental properties with exciting design features, Volvo Cars is now offering the C30, S40 and V50 DRIVe models with optional R-Design features. This dev

Cutting-Edge Design And Innovation – Volvo Teams Up With Grand Designs Live 2009

Volvo is the official Automotive Sponsor of this year’s Grand Designs Live at London’s ExCeL taking place from 25th April – 4th May. Grand Designs Live is the UK’s number one consumer show for design and innovation, and showcases the very best in cutting-edge contemporary design, inspiring ideas and green living, making it the perfect place to demonstrate both the low CO2-emitting DRIVe range and the innovative City Safety technology.

Two New Chassis Offer Improved Ride And Handling In The New Volvo S80

The driving dynamics and ride of the new Volvo S80 have been updated and improved by the introduction of two new chassis - the Lowered Dynamic Chassis and the Comfort Chassis. Due for launch in the new Volvo S80 in summer 2009, the Lowered Dynamic Chassis will be offered as standard on the SE and SE Lux models with the opportunity to specify the Comfort Chassis as a no cost option. The Comfort Chassis will be the only chassis available on the

All New Volvo S80L - launch and start of production in China

Volvo Car Corporation launched the all-new Volvo S80L in Beijing, China. The prices and specifications of the 5 variants were presented. To meet the demand of Chinese consumers, the wheel base of this S80L model is prolonged by 140mm and the car is considerably upgraded. The sale of the all-new model has now started as well as the production. Volvo S80L, all the security needed Volvo Car's flagship, S80L is one of the safest vehicles in the p

Volvo Launches ‘Ice White’ C70 Coupe-Convertible

Volvo's striking four-seater C70 Coupé-Convertible packs some extra appeal this spring with the introduction of the ‘Ice White’. Priced at an attractive £24,495 OTR and available to order now, the C70 Ice White features £2,350 worth of extra equipment over the standard 2.0D S model on which it is based which ret

the refreshed volvo s80 unveiled at the geneva motor show

The refreshed Volvo S80 unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show

The refreshed Volvo S80 is the result of an intensive dialogue between Volvo Cars' project group and the discerning customers in the premium sedan segment. "We are ready to give the competition a tough match. With the new S80, we're placing the bar at the very highest level when it comes to exclusiveness, quality and d

Volvo presents seven new cars with the green DRIVe badge

At the Geneva motor show, Volvo Cars is presenting no less than seven fuel-efficient DRIVe models. All with best-in-class CO2 emission levels. The extremely low figures for the C30, S40 and V50 have been achieved thanks to an advanced Start/Stop system. * Volvo C30, 3.9 l/100km, 104g CO2/km * Volvo S40, 4.0

Two new five-cylinder diesels from Volvo

Volvo Cars sharpens the company's diesel offer. Two entirely new five-cylinder, 2.4-litre turbo diesels give the customers the attractive possibility to combine more power with class-leading fuel consumption and CO2-emissions: * The high-performance, twin-turbo D5 with 205 hp and 420 Nm of torque. * The medium-performance, single-turbo 2.4D with 175 hp and 420 Nm of torque. Both engines are available in the Volvo S80, Volvo V70, Volvo XC60 and Volvo XC70 from the spring of 2009. "This is yet another step

Volvo Cars Uses Sun Simulation to Ensure Low Interior Emissions in Cars

All new models are verified as if they were parked in Mediterranean sun, to measure the interior emissions in 65º Centigrade. In this temperature, normally, interior materials would release harmful emissions. But Volvo has minimised harmful emissions in the car interior, by using allergy-friendly textiles and carefully chosen materials. There are no societal standards for in-car air, so Volvo Cars has created its own in-car air quality requir

Nickel leakage minimised in all Volvo car interiors for allergy-sufferers

To alleviate for nickel allergy-sufferers, all nickel containing parts are tested to ensure nickel leakage meats the requirements set by Volvo. Nickel allergy is one of the most common causes of allergic contact dermatitis in the industrialised world. It is estimated that up to 15% of women, and up to 5% of men - up to 120 million people in the industrialised world - have nickel allergy. Those allergic to nickel may get an itchy rash when thei

Burton European Open Snowboarding Championships in Laax - Ready to win two brand new Volvo XC60s

The 10th annual Burton European Open (BEO) is gearing up to be one of the season's most exciting snowboard events as many of the world's best riders get ready to compete in LAAX, Switzerland from Jan. 9-16, 2009. Top prizes are two brand new Volvo XC60's, that the best male and female overall rider will take home. Special versions of Volvos - foiled in Burton collection Volvo Cars is participating in several Burton activities around Europe, s

Spearhead technology gives Volvo's new Euro 5 diesel top performance and record-low fuel consumption

Volvo Cars is now introducing an entirely new 2.4-litre 5-cylinder diesel engine in the Volvo S80. It is in principle just the D5 badge and the five-cylinder configuration that it shares with the previous generation. The new engine is certified according to Euro 5 and is significantly more efficient that its predecessor. With high-tech solutions such as sequential twin turbochargers, ceramic glow-plugs and piezoelectric fuel injectors, Volvo's