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Zenvo News

zenvo st-1 50s

Zenvo Automotive and Red Sea Distribution have announced a new special edition ST-1 50S, which impresses not only with its brutal power, but with price, too. Zenvo ST-1 50S will be offered exclusively in the United States and it will be limited to just three units. So you will have to pay additional $550 000 for magnesium wheels, monogrammed seats, an individually numbered plaque and a complimentary Aspen watch priced at $49 000. Just great! This means a total price of $1 800 000. That’

Zenvo ST1 supercar will be available to order in the USA. GREAT! I’m going to buy one, but probably in the next life... or after that. The main reason is the ridiculous price - $1 225 000, which is exactly €884 611. The company, which will offer Zenvo ST1 is Red Sea Distribution, we wish them luck! Probably, the reason for that price is the supercharged and turbocharged 7.0 liter V8 with 1104bhp ( 810kW) and 1055 lb-ft (1430 Nm). The engine is also a Bio Flex that runs on both regular gasoline or E85 b

The first prototype of the Danish supercar was introduced to a public audience for the first time at Le Mans 24 hour race. Further details are now available for the road car, which is named Zenvo ST1. It will be a limited edition with only 15 cars to be built. The model name for the first super car from Zenvo Automo