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audi q5 vs q4 e-tron electric comparison

Audi Q5 VS Q4 E-Tron Electric Comparison

The question of the hour is Audi Q5 ( Diesel / Petrol ) or Audi Q4 Electric, which roughly translates to Pump or Plug? The good thing about the two options is they're both equipped with Audi parts which means, either way, one is in good hands. Mileage The mileage of the Q5 is good as it will average 150,000-200,000 miles if maintained properly. The Audi Q5 is an excellent reliable luxury car option. It averages 450 miles on a full tank of gas which doubles that of the 240 miles on the Audi Q4 on a sing

gmc dealers in alabama: 5 questions to ask before you buy

GMC Dealers in Alabama: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy

Alabama is one of the most highly populated and prosperous states in the US. For example, used car dealers per 100k residents in Alabama is around 11.92. Therefore, a GMC is a great investment for anyone in Alabama. When looking for a new GMC, it's important to do your research. Unfortunately, not all car dealer

guide to buying ford mustang for the first time

Guide to Buying Ford Mustang for the First Time

Mustang’s have been a major hit for car lovers since the 1960’s. Their style, affordability and power has won many hearts over the passage of time. It definitely has a separate and much strong fan-base. The 2+2 sports cars, produced by Ford Mustang have become an American icon as their versatility stands out like none other. Whether you are a man in your 60’s or you are a young vehicle enthusiast, buying a Ford Mustang has definitely been a dream for you. Now it is your turn to finally get your hands on o

what to know about the all-new electric dodge hornet

What To Know About The All-New Electric Dodge Hornet

The all-new electric Dodge Hornet will be an exciting new addition to the world of electric vehicles. This forward-thinking vehicle will be packed with advanced features and innovative technology, making it a perfect choice for those looking for a cutting-edge driving experience. With a sleek and stylish design, th

cordless hedge trimmer: electric or petrol?

Cordless Hedge Trimmer: Electric Or Petrol?

It is necessary to choose a trimmer for plants with great responsibility. Such a purchase can not be cheap and will be very disappointing if later it will not meet your expectations. What you should pay attention to when buying a cordless hedge trimmer is described in this article. Important Features Below are described main types of hedge trimmers. Here you will see the comparison between the electric, petrol, and cordless types to help you decide on which suits you best. Electric hedge trimmer  They

10 things to do after a car accident

10 Things To Do After A Car Accident

After a car accident, your mind must be spinning as you think about your safety, whether anyone has been injured, how you will pay for your damaged vehicle, and who is at fault. The following list of 10 things you should do after an accident can help you stay level headed and calm as you deal with what has happened. Fasig | Brooks, a Tallahassee personal injury law firm, says that there are steps you should take after an accident for the sake of your health, safety, and future personal injur

the essential tools every mechanic should have

The Essential Tools Every Mechanic Should Have

Whatever trade you work in, having the right tools for the job is essential. Without the right tools, tasks can take more time and effort than they need to – as well as potentially being dangerous and leading to injury. Being self-employed, it is important to be efficient with time spent on jobs, to improve productivity and deliver at a high standard. Here are some tools that we think every mechanic should have in their inventory. Which tools and accessories should one own? Power tool – An electric tool u

5 factors that can influence the cost of your car insurance

5 Factors That Can Influence the Cost of Your Car Insurance

Insurance is one of your most significant yearly expenses, and perhaps the most critical type is auto insurance. It protects us in the case of accidents and covers repairs that may be due to other unfortunate circumstances. However, understandably, you may want to find ways to keep its cost to a minimum. To do t

the hazards of driving on bald tires

The Hazards of Driving on Bald Tires

If you were to drive your vehicle without ever replacing the tires, not only is this a very dangerous scenario, but you can eventually wear down the tread to the point where there is no tread left. You should never drive a vehicle when the tires have gone bald. The tread of your vehicle’s tire is one of the most important design points because this is where the road comes in contact with your tires. In this blog article, SimpleTire illustrates the dangers of driving with worn or bald tires o

who pays for my rental car after an accident?

Who Pays For My Rental Car After an Accident?

Rental car accidents can be frustrating, especially when you’re on the road traveling long distances for pleasure or business. Unfortunately, rental car companies may require you to pay for the rental car accident if you aren’t insured, but this is entirely based on the circumstances of your accident. According to Henningsen Injury Attorneys, P.C., if you are not at fault for your rental car accident, then you are owed compensation for any damages. If It Is Someone Else’s Fault If someone else was the cause o

checklist of items to have ready for an auto accident lawsuit

Checklist of Items To Have Ready For An Auto Accident Lawsuit

Auto accidents can be damaging and perilous. They leave you with little time to process what just happened. Often after an accident, you may be in shock and not realize the extent of your injuries. Your post-accident state may prevent you from making proper judgments and important decisions. Auto accident law specialists recommend staying as safe as possible when involved in an accident. Get emergency assistance for yourself and others at

what you need to know about diy autorepair shops

What You Need To Know About DIY Autorepair shops

There has been a recent growth in the automotive repair industry relating to the field of DIY as there have been several DIY repair shops opening up all over the United States and other parts of the world. A DIY auto repair shop essentially features all the staff and equipment that a person with average knowledge about auto repair works would need to fix minor issues in their vehicles. The main benefits associated with such repair shops are minimal repair costs and added convenience for auto enthusiasts. Given