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ktm x-bow gt by wimmer rennsporttechnik

KTM X-Bow GT By Wimmer Rennsporttechnik

It takes a special kind of person to have a look at a KTM X-Bow GT and go: “You know what? I want this to be madder. And I'm not talking madder by a degree. I want this to be able to blow your mind.” Here's a testament, however, that there are such people. What you are looking at is Wimmer Rennsporttechnik showing off their latest abomination: a stock GT converted it into a machine that is, as they say, beyond recognition. Okay, the profile of an X-Bow is very recognizable. Still, the

wimmer rs porsche gt2 rs generates 1020 horsepower

Wimmer RS Porsche GT2 RS Generates 1020 Horsepower

Originally the Porsche GT2 RS, launched back in the 2010, was equipped with 3.6-liter twin-turbo 6-cylinder boxer engine, which generates 500 horsepower (370 kW). However, sport car enthusiasts are rarely satisfied with this number of power. A true example for this is the specialists from the tuning company Wimmer R

wimmer rennsporttechnik mercedes-benz c 63 amg with 624 horsepower

Wimmer Rennsporttechnik Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG with 624 horsepower

Wimmer Rennsporttechnik Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG is an interesting project which deserves some attention. It stays under the guiding principle of AMG’s handmade engineering art and luxury philosophy, and in addition is able to produce the great amount of 624 horsepower (460 kW). However, before the tuning from Wimmer Rennsporttechnik, the Mercedes-Benz got only 487 hp (358 kW). The professionals from Wimmer achieve this enhancement of power th

wimmer rs mercedes c63 amg eliminator

2011 Wimmer RS Mercedes C63 AMG Eliminator

The BlueGreen Eliminator is the transformation of a C63 AMG Performance. The one of the major chip-tuners - When Wimmer RS  -  prepares for the tuning scene a street car. And currently Germany is making preparations for the winter time season and of course Wimmer RS’ tires are squealing during the work on the "blue-green project".  The well reknown Solingen gives their pros because this amazing car have some specific features like sport camshafts. Moreover the cylinder head was developed

magnat snowmobile porsche gt3


Porsche GT3 has received another tuning package, but this time from Magnat … and Wimmer. The mighty 3.8 liter flat-six received updated software and modified exhaust system including sport catalysts and suction tubes optimization. All coming from Wimmer racing sport techniques in Solingen, Germany, and is called RS step 3. The result is 462HP (340 kW) and 451Nm (334 lb-ft). The top speed is 317 km/h (197 mph). Snowmobile Porsche GT3 stands on Ultraleggera HLT CT by OZ in 8.5J x 19” and

wimmer rs mercedes c63 amg performance

Wimmer RS Mercedes C63 AMG Performance

Wimmer RS Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Performance is another masterpiece conversion prepared by the renowned German tuner, and as its name suggests this refined Mercedes C63 AMG is a pure-blooded performance athlete. The main highlight in this project is undoubtedly the highly improved 6.3-liters V8 motor, which now differs from its series counterpart by a newly installed camshaft, reworked cylinder heads, manifolds, down pipe and high flow catalytic converters, as well as an optimized air intake,

wimmer rs porsche gt2 rs

Wimmer RS Porsche GT2 RS

Wimmer Porsche GT2 RS is the name of the newest masterpiece conversion that comes from the Solingen-based aftermarket expert. As the name hints, the retrofitted ride is the recently launched, extremely racy Porsche GT2 RS, which probably tops the chart as the strongest 911-based series ride ever built. Completely untouched visually, the Wimmer Porsche GT2 RS sports skillfully optimized performance elements, including two turbochargers, air intake, throttle valve and a newly fitted sport air f

Wimmer RS enhances the Ariel Atom 3

Wimmer RS, the Germany-based tuning specialist has exclusively boosted the performance of the Ariel Atom 3, one of the hottest, wild experience, adrenaline pumping rides on the nowadays market. With only 469 kg total weight, no doors and no luxury, the Wimmer’s enhanced enthusiasts ride now tops the incredible 340 horsepower and 282 Nm of maximum torque. These amazing figures are achieved through a skilful ECU remap, compressor overhaul, fuel pump conversion and sport exhaust system with Re

Wimmer RS presents its RED DEVIL V - an extraordinary powerful Golf 6 R

Wimmer RS, the German aftermarket expert renowned for its high-performance conversions has announced its latest, highly-enhanced vehicle, the Wimmer RS RED DEVIL V. Dubbed with such an exotic name, the Wimmer RS ride is based upon the sporty Volkswagen Golf 6 R and produces the extraordinary 478 horsepower and 610 Nm of maximum torque. For charging the VW Golf 6 R with output figures from these heights, the specialists at Wimmer RS has retrofi

Wimmer adds more power to the Ferrari F430 Scuderia

At the Essen Motor Show, Wimmer RS will present its tuning programme for the stunning Ferrari F430 Scuderia. The famous red sports car excels as a true race ride with striking sport characteristics and  dynamics, which are taken to a whole new level with the new refinement programme from Wimmer. The tuned F430 Scud

Wimmer RS releases exclusive Porsche GT2 Speed Biturbo power kit

The Solingen based tuner - Wimmer RS released its latest power package for the Porsche GT2, which is exclusively named GT2 Speed. Certainly, the name of the power kit symbolizes its mighty performance data: 827 hp at 7,400 rpm, 948 Nm of torque, power-to-weight-ratio of 1.84 Kg/hp and max speed of 378 km/h. Wimmer GT2 Speed Bi-Turbo Power Package benefits from a very sophisticated engine retrofitting, which utilizes upgraded engine block, pist