2011 Toyota Tacoma has huge success on the US market, so the company decided to add two new performance packages to the pick-up.

Both packages include performance-enhancing equipment and some cosmetic changes. They were  created to strengthen the Tacoma's optional Off-Road package, which includes an electronic locking rear differential; tuned stabilizer bars, springs, and shock absorbers; and larger, off-road-ready tires.

TX package features a set of 16" black Toyota Racing Development wheels fitted with huge trail tires. The exterior changes are added side steps, stainless steel exhaust, and a graphics package. The TX package is priced at $1699, which is good value for money.

The TX Pro package includes a TRD-tuned performance exhaust system. The engine is slightly boosted , but the truck gets a much deeper sound. The price is again $1699.

Our suggestion is to equip you truck with both packages, so you'll get better satisfaction from your true off-roader.

Both packages are supported by a 3 year or 36 000-mile warranty. The TX Pro package is available from this month and the TX package will be ready in September.

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