2019 Kahn Design Bentley Bentayga Centenary EditionStandard Bentley models are cool. In fact, these vehicles are so advanced and refined that sometimes I tend to believe they are just boring to watch. Everything is just so clean and perfect. However, Afzal Kahn team has decided to take a closer look at a certain Bentayga and try to make it even more dynamic and even sexier. Spoiler: the final result is stunning!

The thing is that Kahn engineers and designers have kept the original expression and overall character and has just enhanced the menacing look and the refined luxury. This is a Centenary Edition model and comes with exclusive Black Pack styling pack that includes Gloss Black components for the interior and exterior.

2019 Kahn Design Bentley Bentayga Centenary Edition

This means that the revising team has had even more challenging task, due to the good ol' saying that if something is fine, you don't try to fix it. However, we see a super sexy and incredibly well installed upgrade. There are new carbon fiber front bumper, satin black side sill trim, exhaust tailpipes, window surrounds, front grille, side vents and front lamp surrounds that do make a difference. And for the topping, there are exclusive Kahn 23-inch Le Mans Alloy Wheels wrapped by 295x35x23" high performance Continental Tyres.

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And as it comes to the interior, there are seven sleek seats and neat set of luxury inserts and additions as upholstered central glove box and leather trimmed steering wheel.

2019 Kahn Design Bentley Bentayga Centenary Edition


Source: Kahn Design