Kahn Design Bentley Bentayga Centenary EditionBentayga Centenary Edition by Kahn Design hits the road with a combination of classic Bentley features and contemporary approach towards upgrade and design revisions made by Kahn team.

Driven by the desire to reshape a premium machine into an exclusive piece of art, engineers and designers at Kahn Design have developed a plan that turns the Bentayga into a menacing and yet elegant beast that blends the best of the two brands.

Changes include a new lower bumper spoiler, rear boot wing, front vented grille and window surrounds that contribute to vehicle's sporty and aggressive nature. Additionally, the wider side sills and bumper details contribute to that prime masculinity that we all love.

Kahn Design Bentley Bentayga Centenary Edition

Furthermore, what completes the new design concept is a set of 10x23-inch Diamond Mirror on Gloss Black le Mans wheels, wrapped by 295x35x23-inch Continental tires and a new adjustable lowering module to enhance the overall driving experience.

Kahn Design team has also included a whole new interior styling package. This lucky Bentley now comes with leather steering wheel, door panels and door handle surrounds in glossy shadow that contribute to this exclusive and luxury cabin ambience.

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In fact, as we talk about customization, customers can choose from a wide list of leather colors, fabrics and finishes in order to create a machine that fits the best their own vision for the world. And to top off all these goodies, Kahn Design offers super-exclusive interior reshape process with custom quilted nappa leather and alcantara inserts. Neat!

Kahn Design Bentley Bentayga Centenary Edition

Kahn Design Bentley Bentayga Centenary Edition

Source: Kahn Design