The French innovator Peugeot has unwrapped its latest conceptual vehicle, the Peugeot EX1 concept car. Representing a pure two-seater roadster with highly sophisticated, dazzling styling, light-weight construction and electric powering, the all-new future ride is a pure successor of the brand's new design DNA, incorporating floating front grille and flowing body lines.

Deeper on design level, the concept car utilizes an innovative architecture shaped like a water droplet, with the rear wheels set close together. Thanks to this approach, the EX1's passenger compartment is fully optimized in the terms of weight distribution and overall vehicle weight.

In the power compartment, or should we say compartments, the EX1 concept is energized by two electric motors, one at the front and the other at the rear, delivering a maximum combined peak power output of 340 horsepower and a constant maximum torque of 240 Nm. This extraordinary architecture is not only smartly engineered to enhance even more the car's weight distribution but also to give it four wheel drive capabilities.

By opening the reverse orientated doors, pilot and passenger are immediately welcomed by two sports bucket seats and futuristically shaped environment studded with hi-tech instrumentation.

In addition to that, Peugeot stylists have further extended the design of the project by engineering a special garage in which the EX1 will be premiered. Of course the garage is more than just a protection device, it also plays the role of an independent recharging station for the EX1.

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