APP Europe has released an exciting sporty aftermarket program for the undoubted Bavarian athlete BMW M3, which immediately turns the ride into an amazing sports beast for real enthusiasts. The new tuning program by APP Europe is focused on improving the ride's dynamics, performance and brakes as well as its overall weight.

On the outside, the APP-retrofitted M3 highlights a new 19-inch set of ATS Racelight rims wrapped in Michelin pilot sport 2 high speed tires, which saves up to 1.5 kg per wheel. Under the sleek rim design, a Stoptech STR top-end brakes made of forged aluminum provide the front axle with anodized 6-piston saddles and two-piece 380x35mm disks, and the rear axle with 4-piston and 355x32 disks. This brake unit saves over 8 kg per axle.  Furthermore, a KW club-sport suspension, an Akrapovic titanium evolution system and titanium exhaust unit with sport metal catalysts lighten the renowned Bavarian car with another 23 kg.

In the terms of performance, the refined M3's boosted V8 estimates an improvement of 30 horsepower and around 40 Nm of peak torque, made by the Stoptech's partner - Collaction AG. In addition to all these striking new enhancements, the APP BMW M3 Stoptech also boasts a sensational new foil with titanium-silver metallic effect, fitted by the experts from CFC (Car film Components).

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