I have a beef with today's hybrids and electric vehicles. Its their batteries that get me. One does not even have to own a hybrid. Instead, simply observe how your cell phone acts throughout the years – the charge capacity is getting lower and lower, cold weather doesn't help at all and neither do the summer days. Now, imagine that in a car – driving along with 2 or more "bars" on the dials, no worry in the world, and then it all suddenly goes bust. Nerve wrecking.

Happily however, Volvo are aware of the situation, aware of my frustration obviously. That's why with the C30 Electric, the company is working towards providing relief to the dying batteries around the world. Essentially they are aiming at a vehicle that is available and drivable at all conditions – scorching hot, arctic cold or lukewarm if you will.

For the former two conditions, one needs a cabin that comes with climate-control. It would be plainly silly to use the precious battery charge on heating or cooling the insides of the car. That's why the C30 Electric is is equipped with a sophisticated climate system that can be activated both during charging and driving. It works for the passengers, it works for the drivetrain and most importantly, it works for the battery pack.

Whilst charging a C30 Electric (people tend to do it at home with a standard power socket), you can precondition it. Let's say that the outside temperature is -19 degrees Celsius: no worries. Even if not plugged in, the car's automatic battery heating will kick in to prevent the charge from going bust. Otherwise, if plugged in, an immersion heater (6 kW) uses power from the wall socket for warming up the coolant in the climate system.

So, should you ever decide on buying an electric car and the seasons are a bit extreme at your place, why not get a Volvo C30? It's like literally having someone to warm up the bed for you.

Volvo C30 Electric

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Source: Volvo