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gemballa racing 2012 mclaren mp4-12c gt3 - price €350,000

Gemballa Racing 2012 McLaren MP4-12C GT3 - Price €350,000

The high-performance Gemballa Racing 2012 McLaren MP4-12C GT3 is already available for sale. Actually, just two units can be bought from The price is sensational - €350,000 as the car itself. McLaren produced only 25 units for this year and only two of them are carefully tuned by Gemballa Racing

gemballa porsche 991 carrera s gt cabriolet brings more driving excitement

Gemballa Porsche 991 Carrera S GT Cabriolet Brings More Driving Excitement

Gemballa Porsche 991 Carrera S GT Cabriolet is the latest "air-cooled" 911 equipped with its familiar flat-six soundtrack. In addition, the featured Gemballa GT package compliments the excitement on the driving experience. At the core of this tuning is of course Gemballa’s GT aerodynamic package. The transformation here begins with new, front bumper/spoiler section with three large cooling air intakes, and large lip spoilers. This results in

gemballa add aero 2 gt kit to porsche cayenne

GEMBALLA Add Aero 2 GT Kit to Porsche Cayenne

Gemballa see themselves as the force of evolution and today's subject is the Porsche Cayenne 958. For it, they have a GT AERO 2 package which is basically a second stage carbon fiber body kit that adds a little flare to an already existing one – the GT AERO 1. Apparently, the latter was introduced at the beginning of this year. So the GT AERO 2 adds wheel arch extensions and connecting side sills that “emphasize” (broaden) the Cayenne's width. Also...that's about it. Everything aftermarketish on this Caye

gemballa's diamond finish: sparkle, sparkle

Gemballa's Diamond Finish: Sparkle, Sparkle

Gemballa which are known for this and this, have now taken up a somewhat bonkers project. As far as we know, the first of April was a long time ago but, lo and behold, it's the “world's first diamond coating for the interior and exterior finish of vehicles”. So there you go. Now you can have soulless Hyundai look like a backstage prop from the Wizzard of Oz. And yes, we are talking about actual diamonds: "When GEMBALLA speaks of diamonds, we really mean it", explains CEO Andreas Schwarz. "Our complex process

2012 geneva motor show: gemballa gt porsche 991 carrera

2012 Geneva Motor Show: Gemballa GT Porsche 991 Carrera

Gemballa do not think that the latest Porsche 991 Carrera needs a performance boost. After all, it has a 340hp 3.4 liter flat six power plant that provides an electric enough feel. And if there is anything that can get close to the mighty GT3, it's the Carrera S version that has a 3.8 liter, 400hp engine. What I'm tryi

2012 geneva motor show: gemballa gt mclaren mp4-12c

2012 Geneva Motor Show: Gemballa GT McLaren MP4-12C

Gemballa has introduced the Gemballa GT based on the McLaren MP4-12C at the Geneva Motor Show. “Our starting point is a aerodynamic styling kit and ultra-light forged alloy wheels, and we are developing an engine upgrade programme as well.”, commented Gemballa CEO, Andreas Schwarz. The Gemballa GT comes with

gemballa at the geneva motor show: tornado cayenne ii, mistrale panamera and racing mp4-12c gt3

Gemballa at the Geneva Motor Show: Tornado Cayenne II, Mistrale Panamera and Racing MP4-12C GT3

Gemballa are ready to introduce several pimped cars at the Geneva Motor Show, next week. Actually, they will introduce three vehicles - Tornado Cayenne II, Mistrale Panamera and Racing MP4-12C GT3. The SUV and the sports saloon are extremely updated, while the McLaren features minor changes and a lot of badges. Gemballa Tornado is based on Porsche Cayenne II and features full body kit including new front and rear bumpers, wheel arch extensions

gemballa to enter two mclaren mp4-12c gt3s

GEMBALLA to enter two McLaren MP4-12C GT3s

Setting yet another milestone in the year of its 30th Anniversary, GEMBALLA is proud to announce the debut of GEMBALLA racing. The new team will enter two McLaren MP4-12C GT3 cars in the 2012 motorsport season. Team owner and GEMBALLA investor, Steffen Korbach, has hired Sascha Bert to manage his new motorsport venture. A well-known racing driver and instructor, Bert is a former German kart champion, Formula 3 and FIA GT driver, and has stood on the winners' podium at the Nürburgring VLN 24-hour race amongst ot

gemballa mistrale at top marques 2011

GEMBALLA MISTRALE at Top Marques 2011

At the now running 2011 Top Marques Monaco luxury fair, Gemballa, the renowned tuner of Porsche rides has publicly presented its latest masterpiece creations – the GEMBALLA TORNADO, based on the Porsche Cayenne (958) and the GEMBALLA MISTRALE based on the Porsche Panamera (970). The GEMBALLA MISTRALE is a brand-new conversion, which takes the most tuners’ beloved Panamera model to new dimension of aerodynamics, style and luxury. It is characterized by almost fully re-styled body, monstrou

gemballa tornado porsche cayenne ii

Gemballa Tornado Porsche Cayenne II

Gemballa Tornado is the latest project of the tuning company. It is based on 2011 Porsche Cayenne II. The tuned car boasts seriously modified looks and superb performance package. The Stage Two power pack boosts the engine with 35-40% to 675HP and 700HP. The torque is increased by 30% to 1000Nm. The package also includes a bigger brakes from Brembo with 420mm vented discs with six-pot callipers at the front and 405 mm vented discs and four-pot callipers at the rear. The vehicle stands on e

gemballa mig-u1 - a highly refined ferrari enzo

Gemballa MIG-U1 - a highly refined Ferrari Enzo

The German automobile manufacturer Gemballa, renowned for its high-end tuned Porsche vehicles has revealed its latest project, the Gemballa MIG-U1. Boasting an amazingly sophisticated, FXX-like exterior vision, the highly customized Ferrari Enzo is an individually produced edition, limited to only 25 units. The jet-fighter inspired Gemballa MIG-U1 is distinguished by an entirely restyled aerodynamics package made of real carbon that combines low weight with high material strength. It packs a number of brand's we

Gemballa F1 Steering Wheel for Porsche Cayenne

The Leonberg placed GEMBALLA Automobiltechnik announced its latest creation – the F1 Steering Wheel, which fits all Porsche Cayenne models with automatic transmission. Measuring only 365 millimetres in diameter and equipped with a full size airbag, the new F1 steering wheel excels in ergonomic shape and dynamism. For extra amount of motor sports feeling, GEMBALLA placed F1 rocker switches in the classical switch scheme behind the steering wheel rim – up right and down left. The GEMBALLA F1 Steering Wheel als