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Hennessey News

hennessey mclaren tune

“From mild to wild” goes the tagline of Hennessey Performance's latest project. It's called the HPE800 and the subject is the mighty McLaren MP4-12C. It takes courage to call the Surrey originating performance car, mild. But Hennessey seem to be determined that the MP4-12C needs more power so that is just what they have done – ramped the power up to 800 bhp. The project also sees a more flamboyant aero package to the vehicle in order to improve downforce. The Hennessey CarbonAero bodywork

hennessey cadillac vs nissan gt-r – interesting outcome [video]

Hennessey is a Texas tuning shop famous for creating Texas-sized horsepower numbers and for modifying super cars that will steal a Bugatti Veyron's lunch money." - TopGear USA Ever wondered what it feels like to thunder down the road in a 6000 lbs fortress? Well, here is a video of a Cadillac Escalade humiliating a Nissan GT-R on a street drag race. Impossible, right? Not if Hennessey have something to do about it. The seemingly standard SUV a

2012 hennessey venom gt at jay leno's garage [video]

This exceptional car in the garage of the famous Jay Leno is 2012 Hennessey Venom GT. It has the almost unbelievable 1200 hp and it weights 2700 pounds which is basically 1 horsepower per kilo. What is different about this car is that it is all carbon fiber and every little detail is refined in order to deliver more d

2011 top 10 tunings

If you wonder which are the most creative and astonishing tunings that we have seen during the almost gone 2011, here we have picked 10 of the most impressive ones. There were several factors that have been considered in order to make this top 10. First of all exterior tuning, next is the overall improvement in the performance, and at last is the changes made in the interior. VILNER SATURN SKY This unique Vilner design has made it through in our top 10. Vilner Saturn Sky boasts nice orient

2013 hennessey performance hpe800 twin turbo jeep

Hennessey Performance (HPE) is a company which makes the fast cars, SUV’s and trucks even faster. Now the it will offer a brand new HPE800 Twin Turbo Jeep with a start date in the year of 2013. The vehicle is going to be based on the new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. However there will be some improvements: for example t

2013 venom gt spyder

We have very special news from Hennessey Performance (HPE)! HPE have decided to offer in 2013 its ultra lightweight supercar with a removable roof. The vehicle named Venom GT Spyder has the astonishing 1200 horsepower and weights 1200 kilo. This means that you will definitely enjoy the summer breeze when you drive this mid-engine “monster” without the top. HPE’s goal was to offer their customers greater driving sensation. For the year of 2013 HPE will build only five Venom GTs and unfor

hennessey cadillac cts-v wagon - 10.69 at 1/4 mile [video]

Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon equipped with Hennessey V700 performance package has done something amazing. The touring vehicle covered ¼ mile in 10.69 seconds at 217 km/h (134.69 mph). Of course, the time is set on a dragstrip track and the 60ft time is unthinkable for streets – 1.850 seconds. The vehicle comes with

hennessey 20th anniversary hpe650 supercharged camaro

Hennessey has revealed a limited edition HPE650 Camaro especially for their 20th anniversary. The tuning specialists have been modifying vehicles for two decades and they have decided to create something amazing. In this case it is tuned Chevy Camaro coming with a body kit including a CarbonAero front splitter and

venom gt price - $950 000

Venom GT will hit the US market, but you’d better hurry up, because Hennessey is planning to produce just five units annually. The car is exhibited at the McCall Motorworks Revival. "We are very excited to have the opportunity to show the Venom GT to our friends and fellow enthusiasts at what has become one of the biggest and best car enthusiast events in the world," says CEO, Don Goldman. "Gordon McCall's Motorworks Revival combines serious car enthusiasts, world-class cars and aircraft

2012 hennessey twin turbo v1000 cts-v coupe

Hennessey are famous with their stunning vehicles and power is always on first place. This time, they has introduced a new performance package for the Caddilac CTS-V Coupe. The name of the project is V1000 and you probably already know, what the number means. That’s right! 2012 Hennessey Twin Turbo V1000 CTS-V Coupe has a 7.0 liter (427 cubic inches) twin-turbo V8, which delivers whopping 1000BHP (746 kW) and 1286Nm (950 lb-ft) of torque. The result is possible because of a number upgrades - Forged Low Comp

hennessey hpe500 supercharged dodge ram

  Hennessey performance has announced a new performance package for the big four-door Dodge Ram 1500. The pick-up has been equipped with a supercharger, which boosts the engine to the whopping 505HP, so you will be able to carry all your instruments incredibly fast. Really useful! Hennessey HPE 500 performance package includes a big TVS2300 supercharger, a revised intake, new larger fuel injectors, a cat-back sport exhaust system and of course an ECU re-map to make sure that all parts

2011 hpe650 camaro convertible

Hennessey Performance has exclusively announced that at this weekend’s Barrett-Jackson auto auction in Palm Beach, Florida, the first 2011 HPE650 Camaro Convertible is about to show its face to enthusiasts and lovers. Fully capable of delivering the exceptional figure of 650 horsepower at 6,300 revolutions, the HPE650 Camaro Convertible benefits a long list of additional components, including: a TVS2300 supercharger unit available in either Black or Chrome finishes, an air induction system,