Maserati GranCabrio MC is destined to complete Maserati's open-top range adding to it high performance and sports characteristics. The new model in addition is inspired by the racing experience which the brand has but also include its ultimate luxury style, appeal and practicality of a four seater convertible.

After the success of the GranTurismo MC Stradale, the designer decided to bring to manifestation this model. Hence the new GranCabrio MC has a highly sporty and aggressive look, while maintaining the strengths and characteristics of a true grand tourer. This basically means that it is also perfect for long journeys.

In particular, the car is 48 millimetres longer than the GranCabrio and GranCabrio Sport. In addition it has a very distinctive front end which was inspired directly by the MC Stradale. However, it includes a new improved profile in order to optimize the aerodynamic lift and flow.

Other different design elements than those on the GranCabrio can be seen at some aerodynamic elements at the rear end. Furthermore, the rear is characterized by the large spoiler. This makes possible a greater negative lift at high speeds.

Next to be mentioned is that inside the spoiler, which was built into the luggage compartment, is positioned a third brake light. The standard version of Maserati GranCabrio MC comes in the same color as the body and is offered with various car customization packages. Of course it will be also available with a carbon finish.

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Source: Maserati