After the first images of the new Citroen Cactus Concept leaked yesterday, the French car company is now ready to make a full reveal of its new concept, showing that the new Cactus is a vision for future C-line models. The new concept shows a unique harmony between the distinctive and the practical and at the same time offers great levels of comfort for all passengers with easy-to-use technology.

First of all, the new Citroen vehicle is created to deliver pure and functional styling, which focuses mainly on efficiency because of its lightweight and aerodynamic credentials. The high-tech look and the non-aggressive flowing surfaces are visible, and are strengthen by the ne revolutionary "Airbumps". The latter are customizable design components covered with a soft skin including air capsules that protect the body of the car.

Citroen states that it has included an intelligent design in this car, which features an airy driver's station housing all the controls in a 100% digital interface, sofa-style front seats for more comfort, natural materials laid out in a stylish and relaxed atmosphere.

Furthermore, the car utilizes a user-friendly technology. A Hybrid Air drivetrain is responsible for economic running costs and decreased environmental footprint, while the intuitive connectivity offers an access to the Citroen Multicity Connect portal.

The main idea which had to be manifested regarding the styling was to keep only the essential and to explore new solutions to bring customers useful equipment and features. Hence, the shape that is both original yet familiar, features pure and smooth surfaces in pearlescent white, flowing contours, floating roof and rear quarter panels, contrasting and functional detailing such as Lama grey ‘Airbumps', textured black wheel arches and gloss black roof rack, bright and airy cabin with a large panoramic sunroof.

The revolutionary "Airbump" of the Cactus Concept is positioned on the sides and bumpers of the car. This element not only strengthens the appearance and personality of the vehicle, but also is made with supple material that resists scratches and includes air capsules that absorb impacts.

The proportions of the concept are optimized for efficiency and comfort with and deliver dimensions of a compact hatchback (4.21 m long and 1.75 m wide). It includes a high ground clearance (21 cm) but with an optimized height of just 1.53 m. The overhangs were reduced and the wheels are directly located at each corner.

Next, the front of the Cactus is characterized by smooth surfaces showcasing the chevrons, flowing lines with progression from bonnet to wing, high-tech light signature with LED daytime running lights and lamps built in to the ‘Airbumps'. The same principle is continued at the rear with Citroen's 3D-effect LEDs, which are built into the large ‘Airbump' that protects the boot area.

Furthermore, in terms of interior the cabin was refined and features new architecture, design, colors and materials as well as greater space and comfort for the occupants. The slender, floating dashboard fully frees up the floor below to create a large, easy-access storage space on the passenger side.

Inside, there is also a 100% digital interface and includes instrument cluster with a 7-inch screen, swapping control buttons for an 8-inch touchscreen connected to all vehicle functions, passenger airbag on the ceiling and push-button controls on the lower part of the dashboard and steering-wheel paddles. Another innovation is the thermally-treated panoramic sunroof. It brings light into the cabin, but repels heat and UV rays.

The comfort was enhanced via the front seats, which were designed in the style of a sofa, whilst the treatment of the upper storage areas and interior door handles were inspired by luxury luggage styling. Throughout the cabin were utilized natural materials such as cotton fabric and ‘camel' leather (vegetable tanned), that was also included on the steering wheel trim, seats and door handles.

More importantly, the Cactus concept includes brand's Hybrid Air drivetrain. The latter is a full-hybrid, compressed air and hydraulics system, which is combined with a PureTech engine to deliver great fuel economy in excess of 94mpg (under 3l/100km).

Citroen Cactus Concept will make its official world debut at 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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