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2018 touareg sketches and promises: what should we expect?

2018 Touareg sketches and promises: what should we expect?

Volkswagen team is one of the few others that mark a confident start of 2018. Already showcasing some neat projects, the brand also released authentic and official information about the newest Touareg machine. As you already know, this is the model that tries to become an emblem of the whole brand. It has stood its gro

2018 up! gti: beast in cute packaging. we like it!

2018 up! GTI: beast in cute packaging. We like it!

Finally, one of the most anticipated Volkswagen models, the up! GTI is available for order! The new 2018 vehicle builds up on the strengths of its predecessors and as we are about to find out, learns from past mistakes. The latest lineup of GTI lineage machines that includes up!, Polo and the award-winning Golf GTI rem

2019 jetta: would it manage to maintain popularity? a brief overview

2019 Jetta: would it manage to maintain popularity? A brief overview

Recently revealed, 2019 Jetta has still a lot to demonstrate and a lot to prove. Based on the award-winning MQB platform, the seventh-generation model is further refined and, as it seems, would mark an important step for Volkswagen Group. Because of the flexible MQB engineering wonder, the design team was able to shape the body in such a way that the vehicle now comes with longer wheelbase, wider tack and bigger wheels. Of course, this also me

so, why classic cars are so awesome and why everyone is in love with them?

So, why classic cars are so awesome and why everyone is in love with them?

How classic cars are breaking the mould The traditional stereotype of classic cars owners is that they tend to be staid, sensible chaps around retirement age in flat caps and anoraks. Like all stereotypes, that is a somewhat reductive view that doesn’t reflect the true diversity of the half a million (and counting) classic car owners in the UK. Indeed, it's becoming even more inaccurate, as the demographics of classic car ownership are cu

the latest b&b project includes massive power output and dedicated tea table!

The latest B&B project includes massive power output and dedicated tea table!

B&B Automobiltechnik team has decided to incorporate all of its 3 decades of experience and knowledge into a single vehicle: an upgraded and revised 2.0 BiTDI diesel VW T6 unit. And the result is quite astonishing: the van not only looks super sexy and menacing, but at the same time offers some tremendous amount of power. What the engineering team decided to do is to offer byers several trim levels. All of these so-called Stages offer diff

presents revealed: volkswagen showcases the 2017 golf gti

Presents revealed: Volkswagen showcases the 2017 Golf GTI

Volkswagen decided to showcase the Christmas presents. Or, more precisely, the present: 2017 VW Golf can already be ordered. Not only that, but the brand also revealed full list of trim levels and optional features that can be selected with each single 2017 vehicle. So, let’s see what would please the Volkswagen fans

2017 e-golf: familiar in style, unknown in possibilities

2017 E-Golf: familiar in style, unknown in possibilities

It gets sort of a trend. And we tend to like this one. Volkswagen of America has just presented the last generation of e-Golf model. This new and shiny bad boy offers better electric engine, more power and enhanced agility. For the upcoming season year Volkswagen decided to gear the vehicle with a new lithium-ion ba

black and limited: vw caddy brings some style to the streets

Black and limited: VW Caddy brings some style to the streets

Volkswagen Caddy buyers and enthusiasts will be pleased to know that they are all invited to witness the launch of the Caddy Black Edition model. This is a range flagship unit and it is limited to only 500 examples. These bad boys feature numerous design additions and refreshments, along with many more optional extras. So, let’s check ‘em out in details! Exterior Just like some notable predecessors, the limited editions feature Volkswag

atlas has risen! further details are expected in 2018

Atlas has risen! Further details are expected in 2018

Recently unveiled, the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas will try to mark a new chapter in the story of the brand. Indeed, this is the same old generic story and we have heard it thousands of times: a new model, new beginning and new features. However, we are interested in what this bad boy has to offer. So, let’s waste no more

vw passat r36 becomes even more appealing!  sportfahrwerke team showcases how!

VW Passat R36 becomes even more appealing! Sportfahrwerke team showcases how!

Since 2008 the R36 has remained as one of the best Passat models in the whole lineup. And there is a reason behind that: the vehicle offers all-wheel-drive, 3.6-liter power unit that produces a total of 300hp (223kW) and overall great sporty appearance. But Sportfahrwerke team decided to tweak the vehicle a bit and now offers sweet ap coilover kit that is exclusive for the vehicle. Something more, the kit is available only with the all-wheel-driv

speed-buster team improves a record-holding vw golf monster!

SPEED-BUSTER team improves a record-holding VW Golf monster!

As you might know, back in April this year, Golf GTI Clubsport S Limited Edition has set a new record for the front-wheel drive vehicle at the legendary Nordshleife circuit with a lap time of 7:49:21, leaving back worthy opponents as Renault, Seat and Honda. Impressive. However, there are some who believe that the hot hatch can do even more. Indeed, SPEED-BUSTER team decided to see how the vehicle can be improved. As you have suggested, the up

aeb system: is it that popular and important as they want us to see it?

AEB system: is it that popular and important as they want us to see it?

New car sales researches revealed what majority of people prefer when it comes to buying a new vehicle. Analyzed by independent researchers, results show that buyers mainly prefer cars with more safety features, but for some reason not everyone is into the Autonomous Emergency Braking. Interesting. However, good thing is to know that people are heading towards safety, instead of some overall useless hi-tech tweaks, right? However, results show